Our experts

Jens Feuerhake - Northwest Competence Managing Director

Jens Feuerhake

„High quality standards are the foundation of our activities in all areas.“

Cedric Lorberg - Northwest Competence Crewing

Cedric Lorberg

„Every customer has unique needs. This is why communicating with them directly is essential to me.“

Elena Volkova - Northwest Competence Crewing

Elena Volkova

„When our customers and seafarers are pleased, I have done my job.“

Monika Santjer - Northwest Competence Crewing

Monika Santjer

„I make sure that our seafarers get their wages reliably and in time. That’s my incentive.“

"Excellent service requires perfect organization in the background - and that's what I'm here for."

„The more complex the task, the more motivated I get. Things have to work smoothly for our customers and seafarers.“