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Are you aiming for an ISO certification? Northwest Competence, located in Germany, offers quick and straightforward services. We always strive to keep things as simple as possible for our customers.  Our qualified professionals have vast experience in the areas of quality, health, safety and environmental protection. As member of EMS-Fehn-Group, we are responsible for the certifications at our sister companies all across Europe. In addition, we have also been supporting numerous external customers from a variety of industries for years. Northwest Competence guarantees absolute confidentiality and collaborates with all major certification societies.


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ISO certifications

Dana Gehring - Northwest Competence Quality

Dana Gehring

• Authorized Representative
• Internal auditor (QM, HSE)
• Auditor SCL
• Aerospace auditor (AS/EN 9100)
• Dangerous Goods Officer (road/rail)

Member of Ems-Fehn-Group

Northwest Competence is member of the German-owned EMS-Fehn-Group, which consists of 18 companies in eight countries. The companies are active in project logistics, chartering, heavy haulage and special transport, ship and fleet management, crewing and warehousing. They transport entire industrial plants around the globe, support clients in matters of quality management and operate their own port facilities. The group has its own fleets of trucks and seagoing vessels.

EMS-Fehn-Group has offices in, among others, Papenburg, Bremen, Elmshorn, Lübeck, Zurich, Jyväskylä, Riga, Palermo, Durres, Skopje and Cairo. The group’s headquarters are in Leer, Germany. The member companies support each other with their respective expertise and collaborate closely. EMS-Fehn-Group companies value high levels of quality and are certified according to international standards.